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About Cute Suitcases

I love traveling with cute suitcases!

Colorful Positive Inspiring Words Suitcase Luggage

Colorful Positive Inspiring Words Suitcase Luggage

Colorful Positive Inspiring Words Suitcase Luggage
by HappyGabby

Are you traveling?
Do you like to look cute?
Then why not have a cute suitcase too? 🙂

Cute suitcases are fun to look at and very easy to spot at the waiting terminal…
No more trying to figure out which one is your suitcase!

Throw your old and boring brown, black or gray suitcases away!
Get cute and colorful luggage from now on!

When you buy a cute suitcase you will stand out in the crowd!

Start having fun on your trip from the very packing moment!
Packing your stuff in a cute suitcase is a lot of fun!!

On this website you are going to find my top favorite cute suitcases for women and girly teens!

They are fun, bright and very colorful!
The more colorful and unique your suitcase is, the better it is to spot at the baggage wheel!
Why carry a boring black suitcase if you can have fun, unique and cute luggage?

If you are a girly woman like myself, I bet you already have a cute suitcase!

Cute Suitcases are Fun to Look at!!!

Colorful LOVE Suitcase

Fun Colorful LOVE Suitcase

Fun Colorful LOVE Suitcase
by HappyGabby

Do you feel the urge to buy a cute suitcase already?
I do!! 🙂
I want a super cute suitcase for me!

The problem is that after you buy your set of cute suitcases, you will feel the urge to travel too…

Better check if you can have a vacation!
If you can’t, try taking a “mini” weekend vacation somewhere close to home…….
After all, you are gonna need to show off your brand new cute suitcase!

(How cool and unique is this LOVE suitcase? 🙂

Beautiful Traveling Destinations Design 3 Piece Luggage Set

Cool Traveling Destinations Design 3 Piece Luggage Set

Beautiful Traveling Destinations Design 3 Piece Luggage Set

Whether you are going to Paris, London, Italy, Brazil, New York, Egypt or India, you will probably need a luggage set…

This is one of the most unique and fun printed design luggage sets for traveling!
They spell “I’m a tourist” loud and clear, don’t they? 🙂
(You don’t even need to travel anymore! Just sit down somewhere comfortable and stare at them….
Just kidding!)

That’s exactly what I’m talking about!
Cute suitcases are colorful, fun to pack, easy to spot anywhere, cute just to look at, make you want to travel all the time, make other people stare, make kids stare, make you want to look cute too to keep up with your suitcase and make your trip more pleasant!!

What are you waiting for?
Go get your cute suitcase!!
Start booking your trip!!
(Where are you going?)
We only live once! (At a time anyways……)
Let’s travel somewhere fun and tropical!! 🙂

How Cute and FUN is this Colorful AMAZING Suitcase?

Colorful AMAZING Suitcase

Fun Colorful AMAZING Suitcase

Fun Colorful AMAZING Suitcase
by HappyGabby

This is exactly what I’m talking about!
Can you imagine traveling with this ultra-UNIQUE and ultra-FUN suitcase?
I bet every single person at the airport is going to look at it and then look at you and wish they had one too!
(Ok, maybe not everyone, but I bet the girly girls will!)

I don’t even have to mention how easy it will be to spot this suitcase at the baggage carousel! 🙂
I love the word AMAZING spelled on it!
So, what’s your ‘amazing’ destination? 🙂

How about a Gorgeous Butterfly Luggage Set?

butterfly luggage set

Butterfly Design 4 Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Luggage Set

Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming!

A whole set of butterfly luggage!
I’m in butterfly heaven! 🙂

They are among the girliest suitcases ever created!
What girly woman wouldn’t want a cute butterfly suitcase?
We love butterfly stuff!
Great butterfly gift idea for the girly traveler!

I bet you will be the only one in the whole airport who has fun, colorful, cute butterfly luggage!
They are very cheerful and colorful!

I love them!

Cute Floral Suitcases

I also Love Flower Luggage!

Cute Floral Luggage

Cute Floral Luggage

This is one of the cutest luggage sets around!
It is a fun, girly and very colorful lavender flower luggage set!
Perfect for the travelling girly woman!

Cute and colorful flower luggage!
I love them!
They are so me!

Don’t you just want to book a trip anywhere right now just so you can show off your new set of flower suitcases?
C’mon now…. I know you do!!
These are also super cheap!

You will get 3 flowery pieces!

*Here are my favorite Flower Print Luggage Sets!

Cute, Fun and Happy Suitcases for Women

Colorful Luggage Sets

Colorful Hard Side 4 Piece Luggage Set

I am in ‘cute suitcases’ heaven right now!
Have you ever seen a more colorful, ‘happy’ and fun luggage set?
I love it!
Don’t these make you feel ‘happy’ right away?

Fun, fun, fun!
These are fun suitcases!
These are ‘happy’!
They will put smiles on everybody’s faces at the airport!
Traveling should be about fun!
Who cares you have to be at the airport for 5 hours waiting for your next flight?

Will totally stand out at the baggage carousel!
They spell fun, sun and god times!
It’s vacation time ladies!!
Yours will start from the time you start packing!
Happy traveling!

GORGEOUS Disney 3 Piece Luggage Set

Disney 3 Piece Luggage Set

Disney 3 Piece Luggage Set

Another gorgeous and loads of fun luggage set!
It is the first time I see those!
Three gorgeous, cute, fun and super unique, not to mention colorful, Disney suitcases with fun prints of Mickey Mouse and all his friends!
These are also ‘hybrid’, which means they are made from both polycarbonate and polyester!

I love fun suitcases!
They make travelling super fun from the very packing moment!
I bet everyone is going to turn their heads at the airport just to take a glimpse of your cute and amazing suitcases!

Girly Yellow Hearts Luggage!

Yellow Hearts on Black Suitcase Luggage

Fun Yellow Hearts on Black Suitcase Luggage

Yellow Hearts on Black Suitcase Luggage
by HappyGabby

This very girly and very unique yellow hears design black suitcase is so beautiful!

It will be very easy to spot at the baggage wheel! (It’s available in all three luggage sizes: carry-on, medium and large.)

Everyone is going to know there is a happy girly lady or girly girl traveling!

It is fashionable, elegant and just absolutely perfect for any girly girl!

*If you want you can create your very own cute yellow hearts on black luggage set!

Cute Suitcases for Teen Girls!

Cute Luggage Set for Teen Girls

Cute Luggage Set for Teen Girls

What a cute and affordable purple luggage set!

It’s perfect for girly women or teenage girls!

It’s made of polycarbonate and it’s very durable. The suitcases are very light and easy to roll.

Needless to say, finding this cute luggage set at the baggage wheel will be very easy!

Cute Fun Colorful Unique FRUIT Print Luggage!

Fruit Print Suitcases

FRUIT Print Luggage

Fruit Print Suitcases
by Gabriela Fargasch

How awesome and very unique are these beautiful and very colorful, fun fruit print suitcases?
They are very creative and ‘happy’! 🙂
Full of colorful tropical fruits all over them!

Needless to mention, spotting these cool fruit design luggage sets at the baggage carousel will be a breeze!

*Do you want them right now?
Just click on your favorite fruits! 🙂

Heads will turn your way at the airport!

Very Unique Cute and Fun Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

fun luggage sets

Pink Fantasy 4pc Luggage

Cute suitcases are always happy, fun, colorful and cheerful!
Just like this gorgeous and fun girly luggage set!

This is one of the most unique girly luggage sets I’ve ever seen!
Very creative!
Just making out all the girly and fun prints on each one will take you hours!

I love the bright fun design!
I can only imagine other people’s reactions at the baggage wheel when they see this beautiful luggage set!

Freedom Tower Hard Shell Wheeled Spinner 3 Piece Luggage Set

Freedom Tower Hard Shell Wheeled Spinner 3 Piece Luggage Set

Freedom Tower Hard Shell Wheeled Spinner 3 Piece Luggage Set

I bet you have never seen such a fun luggage set before, have you?
Can you think of a more beautiful luggage set to put you in the right mood for traveling than these gorgeous Freedom Tower design suitcases?
No one will be able to stop staring at them, including you!

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