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Childrens Suitcases

Top Cute and Fun Children’s Suitcases and Luggage Sets with Wheels!

Are you looking for the cutest and most fun suitcases for kids for sale?

cute suitcases for children

Fun Children’s Suitcases and Luggage Sets

Children deserve to have their very own cute luggage set as well!
A child suitcase should be fun, colorful and very cute!!
A fun trip starts with packing!

What better way to pack your children’s clothes and toys then using a cute suitcase for children?

(*How adorable are these purple butterfly suitcases for little girls?)

They are going to feel so ‘important’ when they push their own luggage at the airport!

I LOVE to look for fun and unique luggage sets, specially for kids!
The cutest children’s suitcases are Disney suitcases, fun animal themed ones (like this super adorable butterfly luggage set you see here) and Hello Kitty suitcases!
They are so cute and so colorful!

Choose a fun luggage set for your child here!
Happy traveling!

Cute Disney Princess Suitcases for Girls!

Heys Classic Disney Princess Hardside Luggage Set

Disney Princess Suitcases for Girls

Disney Princess Suitcases for Girls

Childrens suitcases have to be fun and cute! In my opinion the cutest childrens suitcases and luggage sets are the ones from Disney!

This is a very cute 3-piece black and white Disney princesses luggage set for sale!
Perfect for three little girls and mom traveling together! 🙂
Each girl will get her very own princess suitcase!
It is perfect for little girls traveling with their mommies somewhere fun!

They are gonna have a blast pulling them along the airport!

Children absolutely love to pull their own suitcase!
They feel very important!

I hope you have fun here today and choose the cutest suitcase for your child!

Adorable Tinkerbell Fairies Luggage Set for Girls (of all ages)!

Tinkerbell Fairies Luggage Set for Girls

Tinkerbell Fairies Luggage Set for Girls

You gotta love these cute Tinkerbell suitcases! They are gorgeous! Makes you want to book your next trip soon! 🙂

They are also very spacious inside and very smooth to handle. The wheels are very smooth and they will stand out!

Travel Buddies ‘Popo Parrot’ 2-piece Hardside Kids’ Carry on Luggage Set!

Parrot 2-piece Hardside KidsCarry on Luggage Set

‘Popo Parrot’ 2-piece Hardside Kids’ Carry on Luggage Set

What a cute and very colorful parrot luggage set for kids!
Beyond cute!
I bet your little one will be the only one carrying these adorable parrot shaped suitcases! 🙂
They are very shiny!

Adorable OWL Child Size Suitcases!

Adorable OWL Suitcases

Adorable OWL Suitcases

What a fun and very unique cute owl suitcases for children!!
They are absolutely lovely!

Just imagine your little girl pulling her very own owl suitcase!
Great for kids ages 4 and 5 to 7 years old!
It makes a great gift idea as well!

Very Cool Green Alien Suitcases for Kids!

Fun Suitcases for Children!

Fun Green Alien Suitcases for Kids

Fun Green Alien Suitcases for Kids

How cool is this green aliens luggage set?

They are made from hard-shell abs, so they are extremely durable!
Lovely color and design!

Is there anything more fun than green alien suitcases for children?
I didn’t think so!
Your little ones will love traveling with these fun green buddies!
Makes a great gift idea too!

Happy traveling!

Cutest Ladybug Suitcases for Sale!

LADYBUG Suitcases

LADYBUG Suitcases

This is my favorite luggage set for kids so far!!
I would get one for myself!!
Ladybug suitcases!
How cute is that?
They make a super cute and unique gift idea for grandchildren!

Have you ever seen anything cuter and more fun than these adorable ladybug suitcases for little girls?
Look how happy they are!
They love traveling!
(The ladybugs…)
Happy buyers say this is a fantastic luggage set for children and they are very impressed!

Cute and FUN TIGER Suitcases for Children!

FUN TIGER Suitcases

FUN TIGER Suitcases

Look who wants to travel with your kids!
Cute tigers!
Another adorable and very cute luggage set for children!
It’s a tiger luggage set!
How fun and unique!

Have you ever seen cute tiger suitcases before?
Me neither!
They are adorable!!

This is such a fantastic luggage set for kids!
They are spacious enough inside to pack all your children’s clothes!
They can take their favorite toys with them!

Awesome Despicable Me – The Minions Suitcase for Children!

Beyond FUN!

Despicable Me suitcase

Despicable Me – The Minions Tween Spinner 28″ 4 Wheeler Luggage Case

Look what I found!
It’s a gorgeous and beyond FUN Despicable Me Minions suitcase!
They also want to travel with you! 🙂

Very cool and very easy to maneuver!
I love the bright colors!
Too adorable for words!

Adorable Disney Frozen 18″ Hard Side Carry On Spinner Suitcase for Little Girls!

Disney Frozen 18″ Hard Side Carry On Spinner

Disney Frozen “Anna and Elsa” 16″ Tween Carry On Spinner Luggage

Talking about adorable luggage for little girls, look what I found now!
It’s a cute Disney FROZEN rolling suitcase!
She is going to scream from happiness!
Can you imagine your little girl rolling her suitcase too right alongside you?

Happy BEE Kids Suitcase!

Happy Bumblebee Suitcase for Kids

Happy Bumblebee Suitcase for Kids

Look who wants to travel too!
It’s a happy bumblebee suitcase!
How fun!
I love her bright ‘bee’ colors!

CUTIES AND PALS KIDS BOY GIRL Adorable Yellow Chick Luggage Set!

Yellow Chick Luggage Set!

Yellow Chick Luggage Set!

This has got to be one of the most adorable luggage sets for kids ever!!
Look at that!
It’s a cute yellow bird, I mean a cute chick, luggage set!
It’s beyond adorable!

Pink PIGS Cute Luggage for Children!

Pink Pigs Suitcases for Kids

Pink Pigs Suitcases for Kids

I am having so much fun finding these adorable luggage sets for kids today!
Each one is more fun, cute and adorable than the next!
I hope you have a lot of kids so you can buy one set for each!
These are FUN!
Look who came to play now!
Cute pink pigs suitcases!
Don’t worry…. even though they are pigs, they are actually very tidy!

DALMATIAN Dogs Carry-on Luggage for Children

Cute Dalmatian Suitcases for Kids

Cute Dalmatian Suitcases for Kids

It’s the Dalmatian dogs luggage set!
Are they the cutest child suitcases ever or what?
This is so much fun!
They are also super high-quality and very lightweight for children to roll!

Chimp Monkey Rolling Luggage for Kids!

Chimp Monkey Rolling Luggage for Kids

Chimp Monkey Rolling Luggage for Kids

Who wants to travel with the cute and happy chimp monkeys today?
Here they are!
But don’t worry… they promised to behave inside the airplane!

The Most Fun Suitcase for Kids (and Teens) Ever!!

candy crush suitcase

The Most Fun Suitcase for Kids

This is one of the most fun children’s suitcases for sale in my opinion!

It is a gorgeous and VERY COLORFUL, ultra-fun and absolutely adorable Candy Crush hard-case suitcase!
How cute is it?

I LOVE all the cute and colorful striped candies design!
I want one for me! 🙂
Perfect for a fun trip somewhere sunny and happy!

Too cute and adorable!!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of fun children’s suitcases from this page and were able to pick one for your child! I think you are also going to LOVE these🙂

Cute Mickey Mouse Suitcases!
(Who wants to travel with Mickey Mouse?)

Gorgeous Disney Suitcases!
(No need to say anything more!)

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