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Flower Suitcases

My Top Favorite Floral Luggage for Girly Girls!

flower suitcases

Flower Suitcase

Flower print suitcases are probably the girliest and cutest suitcases around!

I found the most beautiful, colorful and cheerful flower suitcases and flower luggage sets being sold right now!

They are perfect for teenage girls, girly ladies or any happy flower lovers!

Put a smile on someone’s face by giving them a cute flower suitcase as a gift!

Put a smile on everyone’s faces when traveling with cute flower luggage sets!

Fun and easy to spot at the baggage carousel and super fun to travel with!

The fun of traveling should begin with the very packing moment, don’t you think?

I hope you will enjoy these cute flower suitcases and find the perfect one for you!

Colorful Flower Suitcase!

Colorful Flower Suitcase

Colorful Flower Suitcase

This cute and colorful flower suitcase is one of the most beautiful floral suitcases and the most fun! 🙂
Perfect for your girly teen girl traveling somewhere fun with you!
I love the bright and very cheerful color combination!
Will absolutely stand out!

It’s also fairly affordable.
You will get nothing but compliments when traveling with it!

Lovely Light Blue Floral Suitcases!

Girly Flower Luggage!

flower suitcases

Tropical Flower 3-Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Have you ever seen anything lovelier than this cute purple floral luggage set?
I am in love!
Isn’t it absolutely perfect for a girly and romantic woman or a teenage girl traveling?
It is floral luggage heaven!
Watch every woman’s eyes turn your way to see your beautiful flower luggage set and wish they had one too!

They are also very smooth and high-quality!
The price is very good too!
Is it a winner? 🙂

Gorgeous Floral Suitcases!

Flower Bloom 4-piece Lightweight Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Gorgeous Floral Suitcases

Gorgeous Floral Suitcases

Another cute, fun and colorful flower luggage set for girly girls!
It’s adorable!
You will get all 4 pink flower print hardside suitcases!
Perfect for three girly ladies traveling together! 🙂

Fun Blue Floral Suitcases!

Blue Floral Suitcases

Blue Floral Suitcases

These cute, colorful and fun floral suitcases spell fun days and good times!

Your fun trip begins from the moment you start packing your cute and happy flower suitcases!
No more confusing your suitcases at the baggage wheel!
From now on you will be able to immediately spot your floral luggage before everybody else spot their black ones! 🙂

Perfect gift idea for girlfriends, daughters and girly wives!

Stunning Vintage Style Colorful Floral Suitcase for Sale!

Vintage Style Colorful Floral Suitcase for Sale

Vintage Style Colorful Floral Suitcase for Sale

How adorable and unique is this gorgeous vintage style floral suitcase ladies?

What a great gift idea for a very special frequent traveler in the family!
Packing this suitcase will be so much fun!
It is made from shiny coated canvas.
Love it!
Happy traveling!

The Most Colorful Flowers 3 Piece Luggage Set!

Colorful Flowers 3 Piece Luggage Set

Colorful Flowers 3 Piece Luggage Set

Who wants to travel with this amazing and beyond colorful HAPPY flowers 3-piece luggage set?
Isn’t it beyond amazing?
Gorgeous flowers everywhere! 🙂

It almost feels like the cute flowers will be ‘jumping out’ of the suitcases creating a beautiful floral path wherever you go with them…

They are made from Armor-Flex composite and are very lightweight to push.
Great for two or even three girly ladies traveling together somewhere exotic!
Now the issue is: who gets the biggest flowery suitcase? 🙂

Very Unique Black Floral Suitcase

Black Floral Suitcase

Black Floral Suitcase

This is a high-quality large black floral suitcase made from polypropylene for the girly business traveler!
It fits a lot of clothes and stuff inside!
Besides beautiful, it’s very sturdy and durable too!

Blue Flower Power 28 Inch Hardside

Blue Flower Power 28 Inch Hardside

Blue Flower Power 28 Inch Hardside

And last, but not least, a very blue and very floral 28 inch hardside suitcase for the girly traveler in your family! 🙂
It’s fun, it’s hip, it’s chic and it stands out!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute flower suitcases from this page!
Happy traveling all over the world! 🙂
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