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Luggage for Teenage Girls

My Favorite Cute Luggage for Teenage Girls!

Inspiring Words Suitcase

Colorful Inspiring Words Suitcase Luggage

Colorful Inspiring Words Suitcase Luggage
by HappyGabby

I hear you need to find the best teenage girl luggage for sale?
You are definitely on the right page!

Here you are going to find some of the best teenage girl luggage sets around in my opinion…

Girls love cute stuff and of course they love cute suitcases!
A cute and girly suitcase makes a wonderful gift idea for any teenage girl in your family or girly woman.
We love to get cute girly gifts!

I am a proud girly woman and I hope you enjoy my selection of suitcases for teen girls!
Have fun traveling!

Why is it better to have unique luggage?
You will see it right away!

luggage for teenage girls

Fun Animal Print 5 Piece Spinner Se

Did I mention that when you carry a fun, cute, unique and colorful suitcase or luggage set you will never have trouble finding it on the baggage wheel?

Just imagine spotting your colorful suitcase right away while everyone else struggles to identify their boring black luggage sets from all the others……. It’s a lot of fun!

*Check this stunning leopard 5-piece luggage set!

It is absolutely perfect for teens and college girls traveling together!
The colors are so vibrant and so gorgeous!!

Who doesn’t love leopard prints?
It’s a fun and happy 5 spinner set!
Perfect for two or three adventurous travelers!

Best Luggage Sets for Teenage Girls

Teenage Girl Luggage

Teenage Girl Luggage

Rockland Luggage Vision Polycarbonate 3 Piece Luggage Set

What are the best luggage sets for teen girls?
Well, it all depends on her personality, of course!
But if she is a girly teen, then I can definitely help you out here!
I was a girly teen myself and I am still girly!
(Even though my teenage years are way behind me now…:)

Most teen girls love to travel with FUN, cute and unique luggage sets, just like this one!
Youthful and playful!
They also love polka-dots, zebra prints, flower prints, hearts, animal prints, pink and anything else that will stand out!

Girly Teenage Suitcases

Cute Red Cherries Design Suitcases

Red Cherries Design Suitcase

Fun Red Cherries Design Suitcase

Fun Red Cherries Design Suitcase
by HappyGabby

If you have a girly teenage girl…
How about this fun red cherries print suitcase?

How much more girly can it get?

As a matter of fact it is beyond cute…
Everyone will be staring at them… (the delicious red cherries…)

You can also get one in each size and create your very own ‘cherry print luggage set’!
Perfect for a bunch of girly girls traveling together! 🙂
Have fun!

Cute Purple Groovy Luggage Set

Super Fun Luggage for Teenage Girls

Purple Groovy Luggage Set for Teen Girls

Cute Purple Groovy Luggage Set for Teen Girls

This cute purple floral and groovy luggage set is perfect for teenage girls traveling together!
It is very girly and many teenagers love purple!
This groovy set is also extremely durable, as it’s made of the same kind of material used to make bullet proof glass.

Happy customers say the colors match the picture perfectly and they are very satisfied with their purchase!
I say these are ‘far out’!!
Let’s get grooving!!

Romantic Pink Hearts Luggage Set

Cute Luggage Set for Teenage Girls

Pink LOVE Luggage Set

Cute LOVE Luggage Set

This is another cute and very girly luggage set for teenage girls!
It’s pink and has hearts!
It’s absolutely perfect for the romantic teenage girl in your family who is not afraid to show everyone her romantic, girly side!
Perfect for sisters traveling together!

*This romantic pink heart set is actually among the most bought!
The price is really good considering you are getting three pieces!
The colors are strong and vibrant and they have a beautiful, shiny finish!

Cute Butterfly Suitcases

Girly Girl Luggage!

Butterfly Suitcases

Cute Butterfly Suitcases

This is butterfly heaven!
Girls love butterflies!

These cute butterfly suitcases will be perfect for your teenage girl!
The butterflies are mostly black, blue, orange and purple on a gorgeous white background…

They are fun, cute, very colorful, very girly and very easy to find at the airport!
Perfect for a FUN trip somewhere cool! 🙂
Three girly teens can travel together!
(One of them will have to pack lighter though..)

Very Cool Peace Sign Luggage Set!

Cute Teen Suitcases

Fun Peace Sign Luggage Set for Teens

Fun Peace Sign Luggage Set for Teens

Teens also love stuff with the peace sign!
This is an awesome and extremely affordable peace sign luggage set for teenagers!
It is very colorful and groovy! Happy buyers love the fact that they stand out in the crowd and are very durable too! Have fun!

*If your teen doesn’t like peace sign stuff, this set is also available in many other ultra-cool designs instead, including zebra, giraffe, leopard, hearts, dots and other cool patterns!
The price is unbeatable too!

Cool Kiwi Slices Suitcase

Kiwi Slices Design Suitcase

Fun Kiwi Slices Design Suitcase

Fun Kiwi Slices Design Suitcase
by HappyGabby

Teen girls usually love cool print stuff and I imagine it’s no different when it comes to their suitcases!
This fun and very creative kiwi slices design suitcase is just awesome for a teen girl traveling!
It is super unique!
Not to mention FUN!

*Also available in medium and large sizes.

PINK Polka Dot Cute Luggage Set for Teenage Girls

Cute Pink Polka Dot Luggage Set

Pink Polka Dot Luggage Set

I had to show this gorgeous and girly pink polka dot luggage set!
How fun and cool are they?

Girls love polka dot stuff!
This cute pink polka dot luggage set is perfect for teenage girls traveling in a bunch!
It is also very affordable and very roomy inside! Will fit all their girly needs!
Perfect for your girly teen!

They are also very smooth and just so pretty!!
All the other girls will wish they had them too!

Creative Fun Zebra Hearts Suitcase

Zebra Hearts Suitcase

Fun Zebra Hearts Suitcase

Fun Zebra Hearts Suitcase
by HappyGabby

Teenagers also love zebra stuff and I believe they are gonna love this ultra-cool black and white zebra hearts print suitcase!
Isn’t it cute?
I think they are amazing!
Very eye-catching! (Actually, try not to stare at them for too long…)
Your teen girl is going to have a blast traveling with this fun suitcase!

Leopard Luggage

Leopard Luggage

Leopard Luggage

Heys Leopard Panthera Fashion Spinner 3-piece Luggage Set

A cool leopard luggage set is also an awesome idea for teen girls!

Very unique and exotic!
Your teenage girl is gonna love it!!

They are fun and very different!
Will also stand out at the airport!

Giraffe Luggage

giraffe luggage

Cool Giraffe Print Luggage Set

American Flyer Animal Print 5-Piece Luggage Set (Giraffe Brown)

Keeping up with the animal print theme I present to you this amazing giraffe print luggage set for teenage girls!
Isn’t it awesome???
You won’t believe the price either!
It is very cheap!
You will get all 5 giraffe print pieces!
Buyers said they are stylish, spacious and strong!

Unique Flowers 3-Pc Expandable Spinner Luggage Set

Floral Luggage Set

Floral Luggage Set

Bright Flower Lightweight 3-Pc Expandable Spinner Luggage Set

I just came across this gorgeous and very unique flowers luggage set!
You can get them in three different colors, including pink and blue!
I think they are great for teenage girls!
I love these 3-piece sets too!
Ideal for two or three sisters traveling together!

Green Colorful Peace Signs 3 Piece Luggage Set

peace sign luggage

Gorgeous PEACE SIGN Luggage

Green Colorful Peace Signs 3 Piece Luggage Set

Do you see what I see?
It’s a colorful, happy, unique and gorgeous PEACE SIGN luggage set!!
I want them!
How creative!
They spell fun!!

*Cutest Peace Sign Luggage Sets!

Stunning Floral Burst 26″ Spinner

My Top Favorite Girly Suitcase for Teenage Girls!

Floral Burst 26" Spinner

Floral Burst 26″ Spinner

Heys USA Novus Art Floral Burst 26″ Spinner

I just found this gorgeous colorful flowers happy and cute suitcase for sale!
Can it get any more girly and pretty than this?
I don’t think so!
Will make a wonderful gift idea for your traveling teen!

Cool Teenage Girl Luggage!

cool teenage girl luggage

Cool Teenage Girl Luggage

Cool Luggage 2 Piece Upright Luggage Set, Departure, Medium

Teenage girl travelers LOVE these gorgeous suitcases featuring some famous destination scenes!
It’s fun, it’s chic and it’s very cool!
This fun 2-piece set is also very, very affordable!
Perfect for two girls traveling together or two sisters!
We can see the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and also the Big Ben landmarks among other cool places!
I also see the Tower of Pisa!
Happy buyers also said they are durable and very roomy too!
Happy traveling all over the world!
Don’t forget to take tons of cool pictures too!

Cool Pink Giraffe Four-Piece Teenage Girl Luggage Set

giraffe luggage

Pink Giraffe Four-Piece Luggage Set

Giraffe 4 Piece Expandable Rolling Luggage Set

This cool and fun pink giraffe 4-piece luggage set is also perfect for teen girls!
It is very affordable and just plain cool!
More than one teenager con travel together!
Buyers said these are awesome, roomy, fun, easy to spot, easy to pack and very strong too, despite them being so cheap!
I say go for them!

Heart Pattern Luggage Set

Hearts Luggage Set

Cute Hearts Luggage Set

Heart Pattern 4 Piece Expandable Rolling Luggage Set

Another super cute and super perfect luggage set for girly teen girls!
It is a cute multi-heart pattern 4-piece polyester luggage set for sale!
Very cheap too!
Perfect for two girly sisters traveling with mom!
Great gift idea too!

Cool 3 Piece Groovy Pink Luggage Set!

Best Teenage Girl Luggage

3 Piece PINK luggage set

Funky PINK 3 Piece Luggage Set for Teenage Girls

Rockland Luggage Vision Polycarbonate 3 Piece Luggage Set, Pink Pearl, One Size

Another very popular and very affordable teenage girls luggage set for sale is this cool and funky pink luggage set!
They are not only very stylish, but also sturdy and spacious!
Two or three girls can travel together for a weekend using these! 🙂

Ultra Cool Blue Leopard Polycarbonate Upright Set!

blue Leopard Polycarbonate Upright Set

BLUE Leopard Polycarbonate Upright Set

Rockland 3 Piece Upright Set, Blue Leopard, One Size

I couldn’t resist showing you this ultra-cool blue leopard luggage set!
It is great for teen girls too!
They love animal print stuff!
Girly girl buyers said they are cute, fun and sturdy! 🙂


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