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Packing List for Vacation

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Packing List for Vacation: Cool Packing Tips!

Cute Suitcase for Traveling

Cute Suitcase for Traveling

Now that you have your beautiful and brand-new cute suitcase in hands it’s time to pack! 🙂

I LOVE packing a new, cute, fun and colorful suitcase, it is my favorite thing to do!
But what is the best way to pack?
How can you create the perfect packing list for your vacation?

The very first thing to do is to answer a few questions about your trip:
How long is your vacation?
Where are you going?
Is it going to be cold?
Is it going to be hot?
Will there be swimming involved?
Am I going out at night?
Am I going with family or boyfriend?

Those may seem like very obvious questions, but you would be surprised at how many girls forget to pack their suitcases correctly because they do not pay attention to those questions…

How long will you be gone?

See you later

See you later

Many of us either pack too much or too little…
(I tend to pack way too much, but lately I have been ‘correcting’ myself and trying to pack only ONE suitcase, instead of the usual 3 or 4…Lol)

If you are only traveling for the weekend, or up to 4 or 5 days, ONE large spinner is enough!
For longer trips, from 10 days to a couple of weeks you can take one suitcase and one duffle bag or two suitcases.

What should I pack in my suitcase?

My packing essentials!

Retro Style Carry-On Luggage

Retro Style Carry-On Luggage

Retro Style Carry-On Luggage and Cosmetic Tote Bag Set

(Before you start packing your suitcase, make sure you start writing everything down, so it will make it a lot easier when it’s time to pack to go back home!)
I actually like to create my ‘packing list for vacation’ a couple of weeks before I even start to pack!
This gives me plenty of time to remember to take everything I want and need…

We all have different ‘packing essentials’, obviously, the things that we ‘can’t live without’…
These items are the very first things I pack!
Mine are:

*My kindle Fire!
I cannot imagine life without it!
It is my ‘best friend’ from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed at night!
So it is definitely the very first thing going in my carry-on suitcase!
Do not forget the charger!

*My cell phone, naturally… plus charger!
(That one is a no-brainer, and I’m sure you won’t forget to take yours…

*My glasses and cute sunglasses!

*My favorite hair accessories, earrings, bracelets and watch!

*Makeup, body lotion, chapstick, sunscreen, etc…
(Remember that any body lotion cannot go in your carry-on anymore…)

My Packing List for Vacation: Clothes and Shoes

cute floral dress

Cute Floral Dress

If it’s a short trip, from two to five days only, I try to pack as light as I can now!
Most of the times we end up taking twice or three times more what we will ever need! 🙂

*The very first item in my suitcase are my flip-flops!
Love them, can’t live without them… Lol

(One for each day of vacation! I don’t like to wash anything when I travel, so if I will stay 10 days traveling, I take 10 panties!)

(I usually sleep in comfy loose tees… so I always make sure I take at least two…)

*Cute dresses, my favorite t-shirts and one pair of shorts at least!

*My favorite pair of walking/running shoes!
(I usually wear these on the trip, so I don’t have to pack them, since they occupy a lot of space….)

*My favorite pair of cute sandals, to wear with my cute dresses and tees!

How to Maximize the Space of Your Suitcase!

This is a very helpful video on how to fit everything you want inside your suitcase!
It’s called How to Pack like a Pro!

How to Pack for a Week in a Carry-On!

And this lady offers amazing tips on how to pack everything you need for a week inside a carry-on suitcase!

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