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Pretty Luggage

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

My Top Favorite Pretty Luggage for Girly Girls!

Are you looking for some pretty luggage sets on wheels?
They are the best aren’t they?
They are great for a family of three traveling together or mom and two girls!
Each one gets to pack a pretty suitcase!

pretty luggage

Flower 3Pc Luggage Set

I love the hardside ones with wheels because they seem more secure than the fabric ones and they are very easy to roll!
(If you know me already you also know that I only pick pretty and very unique luggage… Never black!)

I don’t have anything against black color at all, it’s just that everyone else usually travels with black suitcases, which makes it nearly impossible to find your luggage set on the baggage wheel fast.
Instead of having to ‘mark’ yours with colorful tags, handkerchiefs or whatever else, I would rather travel with a unique and colorful luggage set, just like this one you see on the picture!

This is what you get when you mix animal print with beautiful roses!
How gorgeous and unique is this leopard print and roses luggage set in this picture?
I want one for me!
What are the chances that another family will have the same one on your baggage carousel?
How fast do you think you will be able to spot your luggage set?
You see what I mean now?

Bottom line:

I love traveling with pretty luggage!

As a girly girl, everything in my world needs to be pretty!
Including my luggage!

I absolutely LOVE cute luggage sets and I want all the girly women and girly girls in the world to find the girliest luggage set possible!
Packing your fun suitcases will be a pleasure!
Have a wonderful trip!

Stylish Paris Eiffel Tower Painting 3pc Pretty Luggage Set

My Favorite Pretty Luggage on Wheels!

Stylish Paris Eiffel Tower Painting 3pc Pretty Luggage Set

Stylish Paris Eiffel Tower Painting 3pc Pretty Luggage Set

There is nothing like traveling carrying a fun and girly luggage set!
There will be no stress at the baggage carousel because yours will be the most unique and colorful luggage set there!
Everyone will be looking at your pretty luggage set and wishing they had one too!
The more colorful and attractive they are, the better!

This is luggage heaven!

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous Paris themed luggage set before?
It is so pretty and unique that you can almost just stare at them instead of traveling!
Just place it your bedroom and stare at it every day!
(Just kidding! Nothing beats traveling to Paris!)

Aren’t they perfect for a trip to France to see the Eiffel Tower?
I can almost feel the Parisian breeze and hear all the sounds already!
How about you? 🙂
It is absolutely fantastic!

It’s made from ABS and polycarbonate and the wheels spin in 360 degrees, making this also a very smooth rolling luggage set!
And now comes the best news of all…
It’s affordable!!
(I bet everyone will be asking you where you got it!
Be careful not to miss your flight due to excessive staring at your pretty luggage!)

**To get them for you and start packing, just click on the image.

Pretty Leopard 3 Piece Hard Luggage Set

Leopard print 3 Piece Hard Luggage Set

Pretty Leopard 3 Piece Hard Luggage Set

What a gorgeous and very unique (not to mention FUN) pretty leopard hardside luggage set with a beautiful high gloss finish!
It stands out! 🙂

Traveling with these stylish suitcases will just make your trip much more pleasurable!
(Unless you start worrying that someone will want to steal them because they are so beautiful! Lol)

Perfect for the girly traveler who also loves animal print stuff!

Fun and Pretty Girly Polka Dots Luggage Set

Pink Polka Dots Luggage Set

Pretty Polka Dots Luggage Set

Now we enter the realm of polka dot luggage!

We can’t talk about pretty luggage or fun luggage without mentioning a few of the cutest polka dot luggage sets being sold!
Polka dot luggage is also perfect for teen girls or girly girls!
They are so much fun!

Are you having fun yet girly ladies?
I am having a blast showing you these pretty suitcases!
I see fun dots!
This is a fun and very girly polka dot luggage set for you!

It is the perfect luggage set for teenage girls!
It’s pretty, it’s pink, it’s fun and it has polka dots!
Very light to roll!
(Did I mention the price is also very good?)

Need I say anything else?
It’s pink and it has polka dots!!
Case closed! 🙂

Fun Lime-Green and Pink 3 Piece Hard Side Luggage Set

Pretty Lime-Green and Pink 3 Piece Hard Side Luggage Set

Pretty Lime-Green and Pink 3 Piece Hard Side Luggage Set

This lime-green and pink hardside luggage set is also a huge favorite of mine!
First of all I LOVE lime-green!
It’s one of my favorite colors!
Second of all they stand out!
They are super bright!
They spell ‘Here I come’!! 🙂

The spinner wheels are smooth and easy and they are also very roomy inside…
If you don’t care for lime-green, they are also available in bright blue and yellow!
Just pick your favorite color and have a good time!

My Favorite Pretty Luggage!

Colorful Hot Air Balloons 4-Piece Lightweight Hardside Luggage Set!

Fun Hot Air Balloon Prints 4-Piece Lightweight Hardside Luggage Set

Fun Hot Air Balloon 4-Piece Lightweight Hardside Luggage Set

Now this is one of the most gorgeous and FUN luggage sets ever!
Full of cute and colorful hot air balloon prints everywhere!
(I also see the Eiffel Tower!)

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more pretty or colorful I present this gorgeous, girly, colorful and very pretty luggage set!
How ‘happy’, cheerful and fun is it?

It’s almost magical!

So unique and fun!

This is exactly my kind of luggage!

I guarantee you that all heads will turn your way at the airport when you show up with your gorgeous hot air balloon suitcases! 🙂

It is also affordable!
(Considering you are getting 4 pieces!)
Will also make a wonderful gift idea for a girly traveler in the family!

**You know what to do…Just click on the pretty balloons to get them for you!

I also LOVE this very pretty light blue floral luggage set for women!

Blue Floral 3-Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Blue Floral Luggage

Pretty Light Blue Floral Luggage

And I’m not done yet showing you pretty floral luggage!

Look at this girly, feminine ad just simply adorable blue floral luggage set!
How cute is it?

They are also available in pink or purple, with the same flower print!

I know you are going to enjoy them!
It’s very girly and just perfect for girly women of all ages!
(The price is also very good!)

Pretty Butterfly LOVE 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Upright Luggage Set

Pretty Butterfly LOVE 3 Piece Hardside Luggage

Pretty Butterfly LOVE 3 Piece Hardside Luggage

I also love butterfly luggage!
And hearts!
Add all of those and you get this!

This is a very pretty and very unique artistic (not to mention ultra-COLORFUL!) 3-piece butterfly LOVE hearts hardside spinner set!
It has a gorgeous finish! 🙂
It has pockets and zippers inside, so you can pack documents and small items separately and they are also expandable.
Whether you pack heavily or light, these will not disappoint!

One of the Prettiest 3-piece Spinner Luggage Set for Women!

Prettiest 3-piece Spinner Luggage Set for Women

Prettiest 3-piece Spinner Luggage Set for Women

Cute and COLORFUL HEARTS suitcases!

And now I bet you are about to faint!
This is the ultimate pretty luggage set for girly girls around!
Romantic and FUN hearts suitcases by Heys! 🙂

I LOVE how colorful and HAPPY (and romantic) it is!
Will put a huge smile on your face and on everybody’s faces as well!

Pretty stuff just makes life better!
It is what I call ‘visual therapy’!
It will definitely make your trip better!

When I saw these gorgeous and very colorful hearts suitcases I went crazy!!
These are the prettiest and most colorful girly suitcases in my opinion!

Just imagine how much fun you are going to have traveling with these! 🙂
(Don’t be surprised if you hear people say ‘Wow’! when they see your gorgeous luggage set coming out on the baggage carousel!)

Pretty in Pink Luggage Set

Cute Pink Luggage Set

Pretty in Pink Luggage Set

This pretty luggage set is very popular among teenage girls and girly ladies!

Besides looking really cute it is very affordable!

(Happy buyers say they get tones of compliments from everyone and they love the colors!)

They are also available in black or purple…

Very Cool World Map Print 3-Piece Spinner Hardside Luggage Set

world map print luggage

Classical World Sepia Expandable Spinners

This is a very pretty and unique World Geography hardside luggage set!
It has beautiful prints of the world map on them!
Very chic!

They are also super lightweight and strong.
They also offer lots of room inside full of compartments!

Cute Stick Figure Couples in LOVE Suitcase!

So adorable!

Couple Stick Figures LOVE Suitcase

Adorable Couple Stick Figures LOVE Suitcase Luggage

Adorable Couple Stick Figures LOVE Suitcase Luggage
by HappyGabby

Tell me now girly girls and girly ladies of this world….

I almost always like to save the best for last on my pages and it’s no different this time!!
Look what I found!!
Have you ever seen anything prettier and girlier than this ADORABLE hand drawn stick figure couples in LOVE design suitcase?
It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Another very pretty luggage set to choose from! 🙂 (You can get one in each size and create your own set!)

Just imagine spotting this adorable suitcase at the baggage wheel!
Can you see the other people’s reactions already? I bet they are all going to say ‘Awwwwwww’ when they see it!
While they struggle to find their boring black luggage sets and pray they don’t get switched, you will immediately find yours!

* I hope you enjoyed these pretty luggage sets on wheels from this page!
To get any of them all you have to do is click the pictures.
Have a wonderful trip!

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    When the Colorful Hot Air Balloons 4-Piece Lightweight Hardside Luggage Set is back in stock, please advise? Love it!

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